Our Upholstery Cleaning Services

Jersey City Carpet Cleaners knows that carpets aren't the only fabrics in your house that need deep cleanings. Our team of experienced technicians is trained to clean upholstery of various fabrics and styles. Deep cleaning your upholstery extends the life of your piece as well as eliminates allergens such as dust mites. If you have furtinute that has a stain or simply needs to be freshened and are interested in upholstery cleaning Jersey City Carpet Cleaners is your answer.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

Trained to handle a variety of fabrics, our technicians begin the cleaning process testing for colorfastness. They also apply a special pH-balanced pre-conditioning agent, which loosens soil and dirt. Because our technicians are thoroughly trained and educated to recognize numerous fabrics and how to clean them, you won't be stuck with water stains or running colors.

Pet Odor and Stain Removal

Does your dog love to nap on the couch? Has your favorite throw pillow developed an odor? Jersey City Carpet Cleaners excels at removing pet odors and stains from your upholstery.

Fabric Protection

Extend the life of your furniture with an application of fabric protector. While your furniture won't look any different, it will act differently. The fabric protectors work by repelling spills, resisting dirt, and blocking stains. It's so effective that a fresh spill only needs to be cleaned up with water. It works to repel spills, resist soiling and block stains. With fabric protection many fresh spills can easily be cleaned up using just water.

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Like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning eliminates dirt, stains, odors, mold and allergens from the surface as well as below the surface. The result is that your furniture is clean, the fabric is protected from future stains, and you can breathe easier knowing the allergen count in your home is decreased.

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