The Area Rug Services We Provide

For homes that feature tile or hardwood floors, areas rugs play a key role in protecting the floors and adding comfort and style to any room. Area rugs are easy to care for by vacuuming, but as dirt settles deeper into the carpet fibers, simple vacuuming may not be enough. Dry soil accumulation can harm your Rug by wearing away the rug fibers, so it is important to have your rugs professionally cleaned every 2-4 years. If you are interested in rug cleaning Jersey City Carpet Cleaners will produce rugs that are fresher, cleaner, and softer to the touch.

What types of rugs do we clean?

Jersey City Carpet Cleaners understands that an area rug can be a huge investment or even a family heirloom; as such, we understand the importance of properly caring for such rugs. Whether you have a new rug or an old one, we handle your rugs with the utmost care. Types of area rugs that we clean: Persian / Indian / Turkish / Silk / Japanese / Shag / Polyester & polyester blends / Wool and wool blends / Handmade

What to Expect Rrom a Rug Cleaning Appointment

Pre-Inspection: Our knowledgeable cleaning technician first inspects your rug for any holes, stains, or rips. Dry Soil Removal: Dry soil in your rug is what can shorten the life of your rug. As you walk on the rug, the soil grinds against the fibers. Because of that, the dry soil removal is the key to elongating the life of your rug. As the soil, dust mites, pollen, and other allergens are removed, the air quality in your home will also improve.Pre-Conditioning and Spotting: Our skilled technicians are trained to identify and pre-treat all stains and spots. Pre-treating increases the overall results of stain removal. Scrubbing: Using special, eco-friendly shampoo, we use a rotary brush to gently scrub your rug.Controlled Drying: Drying is an important part of the process as it helps to maintain the strength of the rug and eliminate mildew. We use both heat and humidity-controlled methods to dry your rug. Final Inspection: To insure customer satisfaction, we also inspect the rug after cleaning. If a stain or spot persists, we will clean the rug again.

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