Water Damage Restoration

Unexpected events such as burst pipes or flooding, can cause major water damage in your home. Thousands of people suffer from water damage each year. Knowing who to call and what to expect can help you when or if the need arises.

Why Water Damage is so Devastating

Whether you experience water damage from a flood or a leaking roof, the damage can be extensive. Water damage affects your carpets, floors, and furniture. Not only can water ruin your prized possessions with water stains, but also the dirt and grime contained within floodwaters only compounds the damage. If the water is not properly cleaned up as quickly as possible, the damage continues to grow. As the water seeps through floors, walls, and furniture, the water begins to ruin interior components of your home such as insulation and ceiling beans. Water left standing for periods of time fosters mold growth, creating a toxic living environment. One danger of attempting DIY water restoration is that water may be left hidden in areas of your home, allowing mold to grow.

Causes of Water Damage

Because water damage is not limited to just a storm-induced flood, it is important to be aware of potential causes of water damage. If you suspect any leaks, always inspect for the following:

• Leaking roofs
• Leaking basements and crawlspaces
• Broken water mains
• Faulty storm drain
• Clogged and/or broken toilets
• Clogged sinks, showers, and bath tubs
• Broken water pipes
• Leaky appliance hoses

Water Damage Restoration Services

At Jersey City Carpet Cleaners, we want to help restore your home as quickly as possible. In order for your home to be cleaned properly, expect the following:

• Temporary Repairs: to prevent additional water from flowing into your home or office
• Extraction: We extract any standing water using professional-grade extractors
• Dehumidifiers: Used to dry up all surfaces affected by the water
• Sanitization: Used to treat and prevent mold growth
• Permanent repairs

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Professional Help Available 24/7

Because water damage only intensifies the damage as time passes, you should call a professional at the first sign of water damage. Our water damage repair technicians are ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at (201) 366-2777, and we will be there to help you.

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