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Have you ever wondered if you need to clean your mattress? Have you ever wondered how to clean a mattress? Experts agree that a mattress should be professionally cleaned twice a year. If that number seems high to you, consider this: mattresses absorb not only dust mites and dirt but also dead skin cells, perspiration, body oils, and odors from perfume and lotions. A dirty mattress even weighs considerably more than a clean mattress due to the sheer volume of absorbed debris. A dirty mattress also contributes to negative health experiences such as sneezing and/or coughing episodes and repetitively waking up at night. If you are long overdue for a mattress cleaning Jersey City Carpet Cleaners is your ticket to a more restful and healthy sleep.

Mattress Cleaning Process

In order to maintain a clean and odor-free mattress, have your mattress professionally cleaned twice a year. Our professional-grade steam cleaners are capable of removing dirt, stains, and odors from your mattress. Equipped with powerful extractors, our team is then able to quickly dry your mattress, which prevents mold and mildew from settling in on your mattress.

The Importance Of Using Our Organic Cleaners On Your Mattresses

Jersey City Carpet Cleaners strives to offer green cleaning products that are even safe for kids and dogs. While our non-toxic formula can remove the toughest of stains, it does not comprise your health.

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We Offer Both Commercial and Residential Mattress Cleaning

We serve our customers by offering both residential and commercial mattresses cleaning services. If you are interested in mattress cleaning, schedule a free consultation at (201) 366-2777.

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